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Don Draper & wife Megan // Jon Hamm & Jessica Paré of Mad Men

Anyone else missing the vintage style that once fluttered across our televisions? I am totally missing Mad Men right now…and not to mention Pan-Am, which was sadly cut. I actually really enjoyed the storyline that Pan-Am had going: stewardess in NYC working for the famed and glamorous Pan Am Airlines in the 1960s doubling as an undercover CIA agent. All the girls wore such stunning outfits! Were you a fan of Pan-Am? How about Mad Men? Ahhhh I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages for Mad Men to come back on…has it really only been a couple months? Boo. Good news is, there’s only the entire fall & winter seasons to wait before we can marvel at the lives of Donald Draper and all his friends over at Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce before they come back on air around springtime. Did you hear they signed contracts for all the main characters for at least another two years – yay for seasons 6 and 7! It’s pretty much impossible to ignore how well dressed all the characters are in these shows  – really to me, it’s half the fun of watching!

Betty Draper//January Jones of Mad Men

Joan Holloway (Joannie) // Christina Hendricks of Mad Men

At first it was Betty Draper, played by the marvelous January Jones (did you know I once was told I was a look-a-like? What do you think?) that captured my heart and after this last season I’ve moved onto loving Megan, Don’s current wife played by Jessica Paré – but who knows how long that’ll last? HA! She’s really brought on a new look to the show – wearing shorter skirts, more jewels, and definitely putting the risk in risque! A constant fashion favorite of mine has definitely got to be Joannie – the ultimate working woman who knows chic down to a t. She’s classic, but always adds a bit of personality into her outfits. Who’s your favorite Mad Men fashion icon?

As for the late Pan Am, my favorite characters stylistically were Laura played by Margot Robbie and Maggie played by Christina Ricci.  They were go-getter types who were willing to break the rules, work hard, and enjoy the perks of being a beautiful woman. Don’t you just love a strong woman with amazing style!

Maggie & Laura – I love how perfectly tailored the bodice of the dresses are.

Laura & Maggie ready to go out on the town. Ah to wear gloves on a daily basis was so elegant! And that powder blue outfit Laura’s wearing is making me swoon.

When Laura ran out on her wedding in the first or second episode she made an entrance for sure – the pearls, perfect updo, and an amazing scoop-neck vintage wedding dress.
The glamorous girls of Pan Am! If only it were still the 1960’s and all women wanted to be fashionable.

Who’s your favorite vintage fashion icon on TV now?

xo, Kate