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1: House of Harlow 2: Go Jane 3: Trina Turk 4: Tinley Road 5: H&M 6: House of Harlow 7: Kim Kardashian 8: Wallis Fashion 9: Boo Hoo 10: Nordstrom

As classic as this fabulous color combo is, it has seen an incredible rise in this season’s fashion scene. Black and gold – the very essence of elegance in my book. (As I write this I’m wearing black and white head to toe (pointed toe that is – wearing my favorite BCBG heels)  matched with a bit of gold bling – pretty much my standard uniform these days.) The fall 2012 designer runways were filled with glorious looks in black and gold all day long. Did you see the Dolce & Gabbana show? Now that’s some major bling!

My favorite way to wear this runway trend is to wear black garments and accessorize heavily with statement jewelry in gold metal  with black or sparkling stones. Pairing black on black separates (or an all black dress) are commonly known to be a help in achieving a slimming look; so we’re doubly blessed this season by going back to the elegant basics and looking thin! Here’s some ideas on how to wear this runway trend now:

(See details about all clothing here)

How are you wearing this year’s hottest trend?

xo, Kate

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