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P’Trique could totally be my best friend – we seriously speak the same language. Okay, so she kind of exaggerates, but for real don’t tell me you don’t say or at least think half of the same things. Shit Fashion Girls Say is one of my favorite videos P’Trique has done, considering it’s her first of the series uploaded to her YouTube channel, I think it’s most original and just downright hilarious, but true.

I totally said (and blogged!) the same thing she does in the video about getting bangs (doesn’t every fashion girl though?!)“I’m thinking about getting bangs…How do we feel about bangs?…Should I get bangs…I think I’m going to get bangs.” Thank God I actually ended up liking my bangs…oops did that slip out? It’s true, I braved the thought of change and decided to go for it. Promise to show them off soon!!!


So besides being one of the funniest men on YouTube, coining his own hash tag, and reinventing himself as a hot fashion girl, Patrick Pope has got some serious skill…and style. Even just after watching this first of the series video, you can see he’s really taking it seriously to be P’Ttique and I love it. He’s even made public appearances in character – If only I had been able to get away to New York Fashion Week and see for myself the totally chic and #totesamaze P’Trique sitting front row at the hottest shows. (Wouldn’t that be a dream?! Ah one day!) More than just his stamina and ingenious idea to join the fashion girl realm, he has incredible style and taste. I’m not saying I’d rock every (but probably most!) piece worn in the videos or anything, but let’s face it, this guy knows what he’s talking about. Here’s some of my favorite looks debuted in Shit Fashion Girls Say part 1 (yes there’s a part 2!!).


“Oh my God, you are so CHIC.” — “I know right?”

“She was wearing Uggs. I mean oh my God.”

Now guys, if you forgot to plan ahead for Halloween, I would love to see you dress up in a wig and your girlfriend’s clothes and go as P’Trique…just make sure you’ve got the lingo down! #totesamaze

xo, Kate

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