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I remember when I got my first pair of glasses in 6th grade; I thought I was a dork. After one week of wearing them I broke them because I decided to show off how springy the arms were. I was one of the only kids in my class to wear glasses and it wasn’t exactly thrilling to have to wear them every single day. I did as many kids with glasses do – I wore them maybe half the time, if that. It took some getting used to, but eventually I came around once I found a pair I actually enjoyed. They were a pair of black plastic slightly rounded/rectangular frames that made me feel a little better about wearing them. Eventually they had gotten scratched up and broken and it was time to replace them so I went back to a brown pair. Luckily I was introduced to contact lens after HS and found myself favoring them for a few years – they really boosted my confidence and changed my look.

I decided to buy new glasses for myself about a month ago, after realizing my old ones were out of date and not really thrilling me. It was the first time I was buying glasses for myself and outside of a “Wal-Mart-family-of-six” budget. A stranger whom I complimented on their glasses told me about Warby Parker. I was sold on the idea of having five pairs of trendy glasses sent to me to “try at home” for free. After falling in love with at least eight pairs of glasses and narrowing it down to five to try on and then the top two once I had them, I made my decision. I decided to get a fabulous pair of bold, sharply rectangular tortoise shell plastic framed glasses – and only for $95, now that’s pretty smart! New glasses that are designer inspired, trendy, and under $100; yes please!

Buy my Warby Parker “Whiskey Tortoise Thompson” glasses here.

I now understand that the right pair of glasses is the perfect everyday accessory. With the new updated look I feel like I’ve taken on a whole new way of thinking about myself. I feel so confident and happy with the way I look now. Before I would always gripe if I were going out and wanted to look “good” and forgot my contacts, resulting in a loss of confidence feeling my glasses made me look funny and not cute. Now I’m convinced my new Warby Parker glasses complete many of my outfits and I walk out the door thinking “I look good!” nearly everyday. It’s amazing what the right glasses will do for someone. For an investment of only $95 (free shipping by the way!) I recommend Warby Parker glasses for anyone who feels even the slightest bit how I did when I wore my old glasses. Allow your glasses to be your favorite accessory and not the same old routine of making you feel less about your appearance. Look smart and pretty – better yet, feel it.

Here’s some inspiration from girls who rock their frames like the smart and pretty ladies they are. Be sure to follow my Pinterest board “Smart & Pretty”.

xo, Kate

P.S. thanks Pinterest for the beautiful photos!

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