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Sooooo, I’m thinking about getting bangs. I don’t know though, there’s so many options to choose from: bold, blunt, shorter than average, long enough to be pinned back, light and wispy, side parted. Ah there are just so many options! Before I decide I have some things to consider – I wear glasses, so I don’t want them longer than the top of my glasses I wouldn’t think. I don’t have the thickest of hair, so I probably won’t want to donate a huge bulk of my hair just to bangs, so maybe I’ll go with more of a wispy look. My hair naturally parts on the left side and I’m not sure my new bangs would be able to break that rule very easily…so bangs that can be parted so the side would be a good choice I think.

I used to be so against getting bangs for the fear of looking like a little girl. But what I’ve realized is that when your haircut simply has a chunk of straight across cut bangs they are missing the dimension and flow that make bangs seem more grown up appropriate.

At the end of the day I’d like to try out a new style but be able to ease into it and not go completely shockingly different, just in case I decide it’s not for me after all. As you can see from my photos I do already have bangs technically. But they are long enough to frame my face and easily pull back into my ponytail. I’m really interested in having bangs that fall nicely across my forehead with slightly longer sides to blend into my layered haircut and can be swept to the side.

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board Makeup & Hair for all my latest beauty obsessions. Here are my favorite celebrities with bangs that inspire me to change my look:

Reece Witherspoon

Love the Olsen girls!

Scarlet Johansson

What do you think – to bang or not to bang?

xo, Kate

Thanks to Pinterest for all photos!

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