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Fall and winter seasons in southern California bring rain…lots and lots of rain. Although we’ve only had one big day of rain so far this season, I’m hoping for more soon. What better accessory to complete a fall’s outfit than a cute umbrella? My mom gave me the cutest one last year for Christmas in a black and white houndstooth print (which is such a classic that will never go out of style – and happens to be quite popular this year!). I’m in love with Pinterest and I’m betting you might be too! If so, be sure to follow my newest board inspired by fashionable girls and umbrellas (Take Cover). Here’s a taste of the wet-weather fashion I’ve curated:

Audrey Tatou – ah such a classic!

Who could forget the finale at Burberry fall ’12 show with umbrellas when it was actually raining at London Fashion Week? so glorious!

xo, Kate

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