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Max & Lola ad for summer ’12

The fashion industry has a target market for everyone; because, lucky for them, everyone wears clothes! Although I may not have children I have to admit, I love children’s fashion ads. There’s something so sweet and innocent about them. I wonder if many of the child models stay in the modeling industry for very long? That would be so cute to see their ads side by side from when they were just a kid to growing into an adult fashion model. More than just thinking the kids are cute, I find that I sometimes I wish they made their clothes in MY size! Other times I start to think, man these kids are even cuter than we were and so lucky to be growing up in an age where it’s not all 90’s grunge anymore!

JCrew – little preppy hipster babies – so adorable!

If I remember correctly, back in the 90’s when I was growing up, we were all dressed in everything denim with plaid shirts, jelly shoes, the railroad stripe overalls, an insane plethora of Disney characters on almost everyone of our t-shirts and sweaters, and don’t forget the favorite white Keds tennis shoes we all wore. Oh, did any of you 90’s kids wear those long socks that had lace at the top and you had to fold it over at the ankle in every pastel color? I know my mom must have loved those, I remember a lot of them!

Now kids are practically on the same track as adults are when it comes to fashion. Let me tell you, those little blazers are just about the cutest things! Seeing mainstream fashion worn in miniature sizes has got to be one of the most fun things about shopping for your children nowadays. I’m looking forward to dressing my future little one up for sure!

Now tell me you couldn’t help but think to yourself as you saw these adorable kids “Oh I like that outfit, I have similar pieces in my closet…I’m gonna try that.” God knows I’d wear just about every outfit pictured on these adorable little ones. Wouldn’t you?

xo, Kate

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