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“I’ll take a venti triple caramel macchiato with light foam, upside down, please.” Oh how many times those words flow from my mouth!  I take my coffee like I like my man: tall, sweet, and always comforting.  I’m no stranger to the café scene, I know what I like and tend to order the same drinks almost every time. Interestingly enough I find that my clothing sometimes also follows this pattern (fitted cardigans and skinny jeans) – I stay with what’s comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like and living life that way. It’s when it becomes too predictable and boring when it becomes a problem. I do most of my blogging from the corner of my local Starbucks (love you guys!!!) and when a well dressed girl walks in, it makes me smile! I want to be that girl, don’t you? I’m taking a cue from other cute coffee-shoppers to gain some outfit inspiration.

Sheer black tights with a black sweater dress sounds right up my alley.

Such a petite little cup, might have to fill you up a couple times!

Lace cuffs are a sweet vintage touch – lovely details.

Reminds me of myself and Jeff when we were first dating. <3

“I like big cups and I cannot lie!”

Light and airy sheer top with big sunnies – simply chic.

Coffee really is a cute accessory for #ootd posts, huh?

Simple is good. Love her natural beauty!

Adding in pattern to an outfit really does change the entire look. Easy to apply!

Dressing up for yourself almost always proves to be most satisfying, don’t you agree?

Coffee and fashion have forever been friends – it’s time I start to appreciate this more. :)

xo, Kate

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