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Audrey Hepburn and Rooney Mara couldn’t be more different in their choice of character roles, yet there are a distinct characteristics that lead me to believe they are more alike than different. Audrey will forever be known as charming, yet sometimes silly Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (my favorite movie, btw!) and nobody could ever do her up for that perfectly played iconic role. Of more recent Hollywood films would go, I would say the same about Rooney Mara for her lead role in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – she wasn’t much for sweet and charming yet she was completely captivating; and again, I don’t believe anyone could really outdo her riveting performance in the blockbuster movie. The most interesting of ties that I believe binds these strong actresses is their sense of personal style. I see Rooney Mara cultivating an Audrey Hepburn look these days in her red carpet appearances, despite the fact that she runs in a new age and completely different circles  the look has every bit of charm it did for Audrey Hepburn in her day.

Rooney Mara wearing Louis Vuitton

Rooney has taken to the Little Black Dress staple as her go to look and even adopted the shorter than most cropped bangs. These two raven-haired beauties have created a classic look by pairing a unique hair style with a bold red lip against the contrast of flawless porcelain skin and a black dress. They truly are expressing their natural beauty by wearing such a dark color against their light skin – no better way to wear yourself than to simply compliment than to subtly emphasize what you already have! Although Rooney Mara has updated the look a bit by opting at times for more sheer, more sequined, and more sexy in her dressing, she wears Audrey well! I find their natural beauty and facial structure to be quite similar and it’s interesting to be able to see a new kind of Audrey Hepburn woman grace the big screen and the red carpet in today’s world while holding so close to her original look. One of my favorite features of the “new Audrey”, Rooney Mara, is that she has brilliantly blue/grey eyes that stand out more than any of her outfit choices.

Every time I wear a little black dress I find a small connection to Audrey Hepburn and the glory she created in wearing the perfect dress for anything! Both of these women are beautiful, talented, and above all have grace – next time you wear your favorite LBD, know that you’re apart of all their magic too!

xo, Kate

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