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As seen on the Fall 2012 runway of Badgley Mischka : Metallic french tipped nail art. Voted “Most Rebellious” beauty trend by Elle Magazine.

Or, rather on your fingertips! Fall 2012 is almost here and the trends are already filtrating in even before the season officially begins. For many it’s still blazing hot and summer’s in it’s full force across the nation. Here in LA it’s reached near record breaking temperatures, thank God it hasn’t actually broken records recently. Last year we had 113 in the middle of July and that certainly broke the record and I’m sure many an Angeleno‘s air conditioners, not to mention their spirits. I am really ready for Fall this year. Not just for the sake of a bit of rain and cooler winds, but for the luscious girly girl silhouettes, the bad ass all in black, the every growing statement jewelry, and of course layers! Beyond all garments and accessories, God has blessed women with two amazing natural accessory pieces: hair and nails. And He knows we use them!

With all my excitement for the fast approaching Fall 2012 season I’ve been scouring the collections to find my favorite designer inspirations for a soon to expand seasonal wardrobe! Whilst perusing through the endless albums of Vogue and the many coveted designer runway collections I realized I was falling in love with not only garment after garment, but also the nails on these girls. Designers this year really stepped it up when it comes to bringing in new fashion statements. Not only have they produced an entire new seasonal line for Fall but they have inspired a whole new look for nail art.

Dior‘s “mannequin manicure” nouveau neutral nails at Fall 2012 show.

Dior introduced us to the nouveau neutral, sometimes known as the “mannequin manicure” by matching the nail poilsh to nearly the same shade of the models’ skin tone. This look played out well for the line as it complimented the ballet-esque designs of the everr feminine Dior Fall ’12 show. The nails were rounded this time as well, bringing back a classic sense of feminism even in the smallest of details. Behnaz Sarafpour also ushered in this new trend by adding a bit of their own flair – nude nails with metallic tips.

Behnaz Sarafpour’s models shows off a new kind of french manicure – metallic tips.

Now when I was a kid my mother hardly ever had her nails done. She was wrangling four kids for goodness sake, cleaning, cooking, and always “crafting”, so there wasn’t much of a practical use for her to keep up appearances of her nails. I tell you though, my mother always had the strongest and softest of nails. As a very young child I remember actually sitting on her lap, her hand in mine and I would “pet” her nails they were so soft. If ever, she would coat them with a Sally’s Hard as Nails clear coat. And on a rare occasion she would have a day of pampering all to herself (God bless mothers – especially mine!) and come home with a french manicure. From this experience I have grown up favoring minimal nail color and upkeep.

That is until recently! I have always kept my nails painted a light pink and sometimes a deep maroon, but honestly I’ve never really stepped out of the rainbow much, with the exception of slightly varied shades of pink or red. I realize now the beauty, and FUN, of getting your nails done and changing things up. I have started to treat myself to a monthly mani-pedi at a great little place in Pasadena called “Dashing Diva” (promise to tell more later about this gorgeous little spot!) I have now taken a liking to deep jewel tones and very very nude pinks and grey.

Donna Karan‘s girls wore 3 trends in one here: nude nails, the new french, and with burgundy. Now there’s a sure way to get your perfect Fall nails.

Badgley Mischka, (see top photo) as voted by Elle Magazine, had the “Most Rebellious” beauty trend on their runways for Fall. They flipped the classic nude and white french manicure and brought on the deep sensual side of woman all the way down to her fingernails by switching out the girly look for a hard black and gold duo. A woman’s version of the steel toed boots for this season? I think so! Badgley Mischka was not the only designer to challenge the norm of the classic frenchie. Designers by the likes of Donna Karan, Thakoon, Bill Blass and Behnaz Sarafpour also played with aternative colors for a new kind of a french. If you’re looking to try this look, it’s slightly difficult to do yourself (left hand painting right hand is never to easy for me!) so it might be better to get some help. Good news about this style is that you’ll not only be perfectly on trend, but your nails will be given the illusion of looking longer by bringing the focus onto the tips.

Walking runway for Thakoon was simple for the girls this season. Simply look naturally beautiful with the bare minimum for nails. Nudes with a simple black tip. Now this would be the everyday girl’s easiest way to wear the trend of the new french without going overboard. I’m definitely going to try it!

Kate Spade has become a fast favorite of mine this year. What with an energetic flow of color and new prints emerging every month it’s hard to stay away! I recently made my first Kate Spade purchase as well – a hot pink credit card sleeve. It’s great for just running out without a purse. Makes it nice to have it all in one place and not have to carry my life aka my overflowing purse. Kate Spade’s runway, as always was filled with pretty preppy clothes in a variance of colors and patterns, but the signature polka dots were not only found on purses and garments this season. Polka dotted nails were one of the larger stand alone statements to be made on the runways of the Fall 2012 season.

Kate Spade Fall 2012.

So which of the runway trends are you going to try for Fall 2012? I know I’m eager to try out Thankoon’s nude with black tips for sure. Send in photos of your runway inspired mani/pedi’s for a chance to be featured on Wear In LA.

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