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Reason to love you #138: You make me laugh!

There are a great many reasons why I love my “Bunny”, aka my awesome boyfriend Jeff. When we first started dating some three and a half years ago I decided that I would tell him one new thing I loved about him everyday. At first I thought, sure I’d like to do this for a while, so in my mind I decided to do it for a month or two in the beginning to show him how much I really care about him and build a strong foundation for our new relationship. At the end of the second month I realized there were still new things popping up every day that I learned and loved about him. So I decided to keep going – for an entire year. With as much love as I have for this man, the growth is truly exponential; even three and a half years later it’s still growing everyday!

During the first year of our relationship we learned a lot about each other, and so much of it took place over the phone, as we did the long distance for nearly 9 months. Little did he know that every night while I was telling him the qualities and characteristics I have learned to love in him that day I was writing it down and keeping a list of all his loveliness. It was about six months into this project that I knew exactly what I would do with this list! I cleverly came up with a plan to share this list with him exactly one year after we started dating – on our first anniversary.

March 26th, 2010 was our first anniversary and he planned a very special night to take place in Santa Monica, CA at BOA steak house right near the Santa Monica Pier, complete with a romantic walk on the beach at sunset. (I gotta tell you, during just the first week of our relationship “being romantic” was put on the list – he’s always been such a sweetheart!) I was to meet him at his house after work and we would go on together to celebrate the love of our first year. I arranged to get off earlier than him so that I could go in and “decorate” his room. By “decorate” I mean have his entire room filled with post- it notes inscribed with a number and a “what I love about you today” note. 365 sticky notes exploded into a beautiful, and very romantic, mess in no time! When he came home he was so surprised! He had no clue that I had actually taken the time to write them all down and then share them with him on that very special day. It was a moment I’ll never forget! All my year’s worth of love notes put into one day made my Bunny so happy and that’s all I can ever ask for! I love you <3

If you’re looking for a way to start off your long term relationship on the right foot, give this method a try. Don’t worry about going for an entire year…but just remember to tell the one you’re with that you love them. Telling someone details of why you care for them make a world of a difference and will grow your love together. Wishing you lots of love!

I love you

xo, Kate

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