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Downtown LA Evening Wedding outfit: Juicy Couture dress, Willow & Clay blazer, Forever 21 necklace & heels, vintage clutch, and Chanel earrings.

Recently I attended Nordstrom Rack‘s Grand Re-Opening at Ontario Mills Mall – it was tons of fun! What with the giveaways every hour, the speedy new “On the Spot Checkout” system, and of course the shopping, how could a girl not enjoy herself? :) As mentioned in my previous blog post about the awesome event, I went with a shopping objective: to find an outfit to wear to a downtown Los Angeles wedding later that evening.

I lucked out to find a sweet little black Juicy Couture dress on sale for only $10! And found a very versatile navy blazer with dueling gold buttons down the front by Willow & Clay for $40 to compliment the dress. Adding in my favorite, and very classic, black suede round toe 5″ pumps by Forever 21, a heavy gold chain necklace, a vintage golden yellow clutch, and some gorgeous sparkling Chanel logo earrings, my look was complete! Evening weddings are a much more fun occasion to dress for in my opinion, because you can become more glamorous without taking away from the bride. It’s no secret my favorite go-to outfit will always include a black dress and bit of bling, so this was a perfect time to strut my best style!

After the wedding festivities, this LBD served me well for getting drinks with friends at a snazzy downtown LA bar & lounge: The Edison.

The wedding was beautiful – and I mean that quite more literally than just the venue itself. The bride and groom are both model and actor…and most of their friends are as well. So to say the least, it was a gorgeous wedding all around. Although I do have to give them mad props on their wedding venue (because of their excellent choice and the fact that they personally wrote each and every attendee a personal note of appreciation at their dinner place, they win BEST WEDDING I’ve attended this Wedding Season)! The Vibiana in downtown LA – an old cathedral redone as an event hall for fancy weddings, fashion shows, and the like. Hope in the City, a fashion show favorite of mine put on by Freedom and Fashion, used this venue for their annual show produced for LA Fashion Week in 2010. With ever inch of walls, ceilings, and doors covered in bright white paint, complimented by dark wooden floors, this venue is not easily forgotten!

The Vibiana downtown LA in all it’s glory!

It was a fabulous time, and we were honored to celebrate in their sweetest of sweet true love for each other! (Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Garland Hunt!) It was a full night of great food, lots of dancing, and celebrations with good friends! After it was all said and done, Jeff and I were still ready to party…so we and a couple of our friends continued the celebrations by going for drinks at The Edison.

Bunny & I celebrating in the Generators Lounge (me wearing Juicy Couture & him wearing Michael Kors with Armani watch)

The Edison is a snazzy 2 story lounge and bar in downtown LA, known for being the original utilities building for the electric company Edison. With exposed brick walls, dim lighting, original hardware and generators still in place from when operation was in it’s hey-day, this building is a perfect place to keep the night rolling. With swanky jazz playing around every corner and 1910-20’s silent films of all genre projected onto the open brick walls, this easily became a new favorite spot! We spent the evening in the “Generators Lounge” next to quite literally the original generators once used to power the city from the early 1900’s. One friend put it perfectly: “It’s like going for drinks in the underbelly of Gotham City.” Located in the sub-basement of the historic Higgins building, this unique building was first built in 1910 and is nearly 102 years old today. To be surrounded by such history, combined with art, and ingenious technology of old, The Edison is the ultimate source of cultivation when it comes to downtown LA bars and lounges. I look forward to getting back there soon!

…all’s well that ends well :)

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