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Exciting local news this week! Nordstrom Rack in the Ontario Mills Mall had a Grand Re-Opening! They have given their store a contemporary facelift and filled it with lots of pretty designer clothing with the perfect sale prices! They have added an exterior entrance, perfect for just popping in without having to deal with the rest of the mall for when you’re in a rush. Additionally, they have added their own section for parking with tons of new trees planted around the lot.

Opening Day at Nordstrom Rack @ Ontario Mills

Expanding and relocating  the Forever 21 and Burlington Coat Factory as well as adding in Sports Authority have all been apart of the plan to enhance the shopping experience at the Ontario Mills Mall. The thing that I love most about the Nordstrom Rack brand is that they offer designer labels as well as popular name-brands at a huge discount. Literally, every piece that comes into their doors has a discount off the original price, sometimes up to 80% off! Not to mention they also have their own “clearance section”! This is an easy way to stay up to date and be able to indulge in wearing high quality, popular, designer clothes without breaking the bank. As a young working woman, I appreciate what Nordstrom Rack stands for: quality with accessibility for all.

As I walked in the doors, the DJ to my right had on some great music – upbeat, energetic, and full of pep. I couldn’t help but smile when I realized this felt like a movie scene…dressed up girl on a shopping trip, perfect energy boosting music to make the scene, and of course all the glorious garments right before my eyes! When you first walk into Nordstrom Rack at Ontario Mills you will be greeted by shiny new handbags from Kate Spade, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, and many more coveted designer labels! I even found a black patent leather Burberry satchel in the clearance section for less than $80! Now that’s a Genius Deal! If you are a Twitter fan, whenever you shop at Nordstrom Rack, feel free to tag your instagrams and tweets with (#geniusdeal ) to share with the rest of the world your amazing deals found at your favorite Nordstrom Rack.

My favorite part about the Grand Re-Opening at Ontario Mills for Nordstrom Rack was that now you don’t have to wait in any lines to checkout. Long live the “I can’t believe how long this line is” conversations between you and fellow shoppers…now it’s “Wow I can’t believe that was so fast!” They have started to impliment a new system called “On the Spot Checkout” for when you’re ready to checkout you simply find a sale associate on the floor and they check you out right on the spot! It was easy to spot a sales associate in their fun bright green tops, and when I did she was ready to help me check out in a matter of 2 minutes. They have, what look like iPhones, with scanning capabilities that ring up your fashionable finds in seconds and automatically emails your receipt to you. Not only is it fast, easy, but it’s good for the earth too! I couldn’t believe how fast it was, I was in shock and literally asked, “Is that all?” And it was! Such a unique upgrade; one that most Nordstrom Rack stores and starting to pick up on. Now if only the rest of the industry picked up on this…Christmas shopping would be a breeze!

Burberry satchel: #geniusdeal $80!

I am a handbag and shoe fanatatic! If my salary could afford it, my closet would be filled with more Jimmy Choo’s, Kate Spade’s, and Chanel’s than you could imagine. Alas, my bank account cannot support such a dream…yet! So I thank God when I find amazing deals (especially those under $100) at Nordstrom Rack! Here’s some of my favorite shoes I found:

Nine West leopard print heels for only $49.97

Metallic boat shoes for only $59.90

Platform oxford heels in neutrals under $100

Marco Santi snake print mary-janes for only $34.97

Leopard print flats with bows by Me Too under $50

Patent Leather Oxford Loafers under $39.90

Nine West classic black patent leather heels under $50

While at the Grand Re-Opening I wore a lovely fall inspired number found at Crossroads Trading Company in Old Town Pasadena, CA. The skirt was only $8 by H&M and the top by Ann Taylor for only $12! The boots ($30) and necklace ($10) were a gift from my favorite Aunt Trisha, by way of Forever 21! :)

Top: Ann Taylor // Skirt: H&M // Boots & Necklace: Forever 21

When shopping, I like to look for practical pieces that will benefit my closet for more than just this current season. I look for pieces that can transition well from summer to fall and on through winter and spring, while keeping in mind that I can pair the new pieces with others from my existing wardrobe. As practical as I try to be, I am still a dreamer – and rightfully so, we should all allow ourselves to dream and have fun! I still enjoy trying on a $$$$ shoe even if the price doesn’t fit as well as the heel.

For this trip I did have an objective piece I wanted to get: an outfit for a downtown LA wedding that very evening for a dear friend of mine. It was an evening wedding so that meant black is an acceptable norm. It also meant that I might need a sweater of sorts because we planned on going out later that evening after the wedding celebrations with friends. (Not much worse than walking down the streets on downtown LA looking amazing in a designer dress (that you got a crazy deal on at Nordstrom Rack!) but shivering because you forgot your sweater!) I was so lucky to find a Juicy Couture dress in my size at the clearance rack for, get this, only $10!

Juicy Couture dress scored at Nordstrom Rack for only $10! #geniusdeal

I was so excited when I found this dress that I actually turned to a woman next to me and very excitedly said, “Oh my God, can you believe it? I just found a Juicy Couture dress for only $10!” As if she were an old girlfriend on a mission with me to find the perfect dress for the wedding later that night, she enthusiastically rejoiced with me by flashing a huge smile my way and saying, “Wow you are really lucky! Great find!” I was so lucky enough to also find a navy blazer with dueling gold buttons down the front for only $40 by Willow & Clay, as well as a sequined gold/silver party dress for only $14!

Willow & Clay blazer scored for $40 at Nordstrom Rack (as posted on POSE – FOLLOW ME!)

I also tried on a couple other great dresses looking for a nice wedding outfit.

Cynthia Steffe at Nordstrom Rack – wearing this made me feel like Lilly Bass from Gossip Girl — LOVE her! :) The dress was gorgeous, but just didn’t fit exactly how I felt it should for my body.

Badgley Mischka dress on sale for less than $200 #geniusdeal
I really loved wearing this silky smooth dress but found it to be too close to white and there’s no wearing white to a wedding.

Wedding outfit plans aside, this dress is just too cute! I couldn’t pass up a “makes you feel like a princess” sequined dress, so I bought it! (by Way In) $14 #geniusdeal from Nordstrom Rack

Thank you Nordstrom Rack of Ontario Mills for inviting me to preview you amazing store on its Grand Re-Opening! I enjoyed seeing all the shiny new products and finding some genius deals of my own by way of a Juicy Couture dress, Way In dress, and my new favorite Willow & Clay blazer! Looking forward to getting back soon to scoop up some of those shoes!

Readers: Find your nearest Nordstrom Rack and send me a picture of you and your amazing deals!

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