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My birthday weekend was so fun-filled that I couldn’t share my excitement over the trip in just one post! So without further ado….day two of my 21st birthday Las Vegas adventures! Like all party hard kids, we slept till noon, donned our sunnies, and hit the pool. After grabbing a little breakfast, of course, via the European inspired Bellagio Cafe where I enjoyed a delicious apple muffin! The Bellagio has such a beautiful European air about the entire hotel and casino, it’s really so inspiring to be transported to a new place and time just by walking through the doors.

me & my delicious apple muffin @ Bellagio Cafe

I love that in Vegas different themes for every shop & restaurant is completely normal! :)

After a long night of playing Barbie turns 21 in Vegas, my feet were exhausted! Seriously though, I love wearing heels…but I don’t know how the Vegas girls do it day in and day out – props to you ladies! Laying out by the pool with my boyfriend and one of my best friends was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Of course it’s well over 100 degrees outside and we’re practically scorching the bottoms of our feet every time we make a dash for the pool from our lounges! I can now officially say I understand why Pina Coladas were invented – oh the perfect pool companion by far (except you Baby!!)! We enjoyed sitting in the pool sipping the day away picking out different languages we’d hear and try to imitate their accents! Oh I love that about Vegas…there’s such an array of people! And I tell you, there are far and few between fashionistas that really know what their doing in that city! I understand that you have to dress for the weather….ie shorts and tank tops for 100+ weather, but come-on! If we can all just wear clothes that actually fit us right!!! (okay, I’ll save that little rant and hopefully transform it into a positive and helpful post for picking out proper fitting clothing!) At any rate, the afternoon was a very relaxing way to prepare for another night of festivities!

Exploring the Bellagio Pool Gardens before soaking up some sun for ourselves wearing Forever21 dress & Old Navy flip flops.

Jeff & I on our way to the Cirque show. Wearing: Anthropologie dress bought at Crossroads Trading Co. in Pasadena, CA with Melissa Velia tassel earrings.

After cleaning up in our extremely large and lavishly decorated beautiful bathroom, Jeff and I headed off to see Mystere, a Cirque Du Soleil show at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. We decided to drive over and park at the Venetian and walk to the show from there. I tell you, whoever decided that a zig zagged 14 story parking structure was a good idea was an idiot! Besides practically loosing our minds over the parking situation, we were running a little late, and I mean literally running…Can you believe it, I ran in 5 inch heels! Really adorable leopard print peep toe pumps by Guess, mind you! Getting complimented on my cute dress by a very sweet couple gave me my second wind to get us to the show on time! :) After getting lost inside the Venetian for a minute we finally found our way to the ticket counter to grab our front section seats with literally a minute to spare! With my “Bunny” next to me, a Heineken in hand, and an entire world of dance, musical interpretations, and artistic acrobatics unfolding before my eyes I was transported into a whole new atmosphere. I have had dreams all week of the show…replaying it in my head, each act one by one all filtrating in and mixing with each other so that the acrobats become dancing musicians while the soundtrack of the show plays endlessly in my mind. It was all so tantalizingly beautiful – so mysterious. I am a huge fan of Cirque shows now to say the least. (I cannot wait to see Iris here in LA this weekend!!)

After a mind-blowing show we were greeted by a crowd of party go-ers flooding into  Kahunaville, a known party bar in Vegas. “Free shots at the bar!” We didn’t hesitate to sit down and enjoy a great meal of sweet tropical eats and a couple of “Kahuna-sized” frozen margaritas.

Mango-Banana for Jeff & Strawberry for me!

Strawberry Margarita for the Lady in Red!

The night went on to bring us to a couple different slots and of course we ended up at our favorite – Roulette. We enjoyed our night very much and happily went to bed before 4am this night. Overall, the entire trip was amazing – staying on the strip at the Bellagio, hitting up the biggest party in the nation at Marquee Nightclub, experiencing a real live Cirque show, and of course spending the entire weekend with my boyfriend! Just can’t wait to get back soon! Thank you Bunny for such an amazing trip for my golden birthday – you’re amazing!

xo Kate

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