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Alex & I @ Hyde nightclub @ The Bellagio

21 on the 21st of July! That’s right my golden birthday has finally come! Last weekend I spent my birthday celebrating in Vegas with my lovely boyfriend and one of my very best friends, Alex. Jeff treated me like the birthday princess by spoiling us with a suite at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino overlooking the most famous Bellagio Water Fountain right on the Vegas Strip! (Thank you Bunny! xo) We all had such an amazing time! Check out our gorgeous room:

 We drove out early Saturday morning while listening to my “Vegas 21” playlist, which included my recent favorites by Rihanna, Kimbra, LMFAO, David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas, and of course Pitbull! We stopped for a birthday lunch of In-N-Out before crossing the border to NV to grub on some of the best burgers ever! Once in Vegas we checked in to The Bellagio, got our bearings and got right to party-time! Maybe it’s silly, but being asked for my ID for the first time and knowing that I was “of age” made me smile really big…even if it was only for signing up for the M Life Players Club!

Shortly after arriving I ordered my first drink: my favorite beer, Heineken. I know now that I’m definitely an imported beer kind of girl with Heineken, Corona, Dos Equis, and Guinness being among my favorites. Of course there were a few cocktails mixed into the weekend as well…including a Kahuna-sized (think fishbowl!) frozen strawberry margarita on Sunday. Saturday night we went to The Venetian for an italian birthday dinner at Trattoria Reggiano. I find that I most often choose to have italian cuisine on my birthday – it truly is one of my favorites! This year I celebrated with the house’s signature dish: spaghetti with filet minot meatballs. OH MY GOODNESS! I don’t know how I’ll be able to eat another meatball after that one, they’ve definitely set the bar high now! Eating at Trattoria Reggiano was a fun experience because it’s really a smaller restaurant, with limited seating and close tables that really brought on a true Italian feel to it. With the tables overflowing from the small corner restaurant and out onto the cobblestoned walk of the Venetian’s classic rendition of Venice, Italywas all around you. That’s definitely my favorite part of the Venetian: the painted ceilings, the cobblestoned path, and of course the gondola rides in the open canal in the middle of it all! Such an atmosphere was created, really I didn’t feel like I was in Vegas at all!

Oh! I have to tell you of a new (and fun!) birthday tradition I’ve created for myself in recent years! It all started a couple of years ago, around my birthday, when I was out shopping with Jeff at the Irvine Spectrum (can you say ahhhmazing!). Inside Forever 21, I am as always perusing each and every rack of pretty little things, and I come upon this cute sheer floral on white sleeveless. As I run my fingers through the sheer fabric colored with bright purples, pastel pinks, brilliant blues, and bits of yellowed green, I think to myself, “This is what I want to wear for my 18th birthday.” And from that year on, I’ve decided to treat myself to a “birthday dress” specifically dedicated to wear on my birthday.

This year, I created a style board in anticipation of shopping for my perfect birthday dress. I chose a gorgeous teal number as you can see above, for my ultimate inspiration. I set my heart on shopping for a dress closely resembling this one, but fell in love with a smokin’ hot pink minidress instead. Once I tried it on, I knew I was done looking! Plus, after looking at the weather report for Vegas (107 high & 88 low!!) I decided sleeveless would be a better alternative than the blue inspiration dress. Of course I had to have the right bag with the dress, so I picked a sparkling silver sequin oversized coin purse at Forever 21 along with the dress. I knew a clutch wouldn’t be practical as we planned to hit the nightclub scene later in the evening, so I easily transformed it into a cross-body purse by attaching a thick but lightweight pink chain I had at home. Voila! I also daringly wore my 5.5″ Jessica Simpson multicolored pumps to complete the outfit, after Alex realized the pink in the shoes & dress were a perfect match! It was simply meant to be!

@ The Marquee nightclub @ The Cosmopolitan – Vegas’ #1 club!

My favorite part of the night was by far at the Marquee nightclub inside the Cosmopolitan! The Cosmopolitan alone is gorgeous – pink and black with sparkles everywhere! I think last time I was there I described it as “Barbie threw up in here”. HAHA – but in the best ways of course! As you can see, I’m no stranger to Barbie Pink, as it is one of my favorite colors. If you’re looking to party hard in Vegas, I’m telling you, there is no better place than The Marquee. I could easily spend my whole night dancing there to be honest and skip the rest of the clubs. They have a huge main floor (The Boombox) for the headlining DJ complete with smoke & lights all around and a wall of lights with girls on balconies dancing all night long. They actually have 3 dance floors in total: the main floor for electric/dance music, downstairs floor for hip-hop & rap live DJ’s,  and an additional outdoor floor by the pool that plays a mix of everything. We really enjoyed ourselves here – didn’t get back to the room until nearly 4am. Definitely on my list for “when in Vegas”.

Playing my first slots at The Bellagio

Players Club Member of the M Life!

Ready to head out to the clubs! We went to Hyde in The Bellagio & Marquee at The Cosmopolitan

@ the Cosmopolitan I found a huge pink heel! :) We match!!

With lots of parmesan cheese!

“Tropicale” @ Trattoria Regiano

Jeff & I @ The Marquee, Vegas’ #1 club, @ The Cosmopolitan

Since it was such an amazing weekend and so much was happening I decided to do this post in 2 parts. Please check out the second part of my Vegas celebrations soon!
xo Kate
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