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Borrowed from the Boys: Boyfriend Sweater
What better way to cuddle with your loved one while he’s away than to be snuggled up in his favorite sweater. It’ll double as your new favorite go-to piece in no time. Paired with girlish shorts and borderline masculine accessories, you’ll be the cutest girlfriend. Even though you may not be the same size as your cutie, fear not! Brands have picked up on the trend of borrowing from the boys and produced women’s wear inspired by men. Now you can find his classic pieces in your section and size! JCrew is one of my favorite brands to have done this so far. Find more pieces in their women’s collection, including the sweater pictured above, HERE.  
Borrowed from the Boys: Boyfriend Button-Up
My favorite look on a man is a dress shirt, with a couple of buttons undone up top, with sleeves rolled and cuffed precisely. No matter if it’s paired with jeans, dress pants, or even a nice pair of shorts, the whole “I’m dressed up but know how to relax” look really gets me! :) Funny enough, my boyfriend tells me this is one of his favorite looks on me!  If you’re the same size as your boy toy, you’re in luck! But for me personally, I have to find my own – either in the men’s section in the smallest size or in the women’s section with a boxier cut. That’s the key to knowing if a piece in the women’s section will be “boyish” – the cut of either pants or shirt will have a boxier shape to them. Just like the difference between a man and a woman’s body: man = straight lines/boxy vs. woman = curves/tailored. The best way to work a boyfriend button up is to dress it up to be very girly! Bits of sparkle are a requirement! :) Pairing a large face watch in gold will tie in a manly accessory but provide added sparkle and shine.
Borrowed from the Boys: Boyfriend Blazer
Blazers are everywhere right now! Why not change up your work wear and go for a boxy boyfriend cut blazer – in a fun print or a bright color! When wearing bright colors at work be mindful of balancing it out with neutrals of either black, white, or grey. (For more bright color ideas to wear to work check out: Be the “Hot Boss” by wearinla.com) Unless the “menswear for women” is your signature look, don’t go for a basic black or plain white boyfriend blazer. If you do, chances are most of your outfits paired with it, even if put together with your normal girly style, will end up looking a little sloppy. People may think you weren’t thinking when you bought a blazer in the wrong size (as basic men’s blazers not found in the woman’s section tend to be cut to only flatter a man’s body). Again, be careful about which pieces you literally “borrow” from your boyfriend’s closet – there are far more women’s designers who have taken boyish elements and tailored them for women in their respective department. Solution: wear them sparingly, and with great confidence in colors and prints!
Borrowed from the Boys: Boyfriend Pants
Looking for a relaxed, nonchalant way to show your homage for menswear for women this season? Go androgynous with a pair of silky cigarette dress pants tailored to box your hips more than curve them. Hint! If you have slightly rounder hips, this pant may actually help to slim you down by creating straight lines in the garment. I suggest wearing these pants only in neutrals: charcoal, black, and navy. Please do not wear these in white, brightly colored, and definitely not printed! Paired with basic accessories, including unisex sunglasses, this look is cool, sexy, and totally upscale as it is one of the most classic pieces in menswear. My suggestion for this outfit is to pair it with a sexy sheer top (with a lacy camisole underneath perhaps?) so that you can show the men who’s boss now!
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