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Be the "Hot Boss"

Wearing neon to work if done tastefully is a do. Neon garments with modest cuts keep the outfit from looking like you’re on your way to the club and more like your headed for work. Adding in a simple black and white print will help to balance out your sexy professional look by creating a baseline substance to keep your neon from distracting your co-workers too long. But not long enough for them to notice your strategically placed accessories! With your accessories you’ll want to keep them to a minimum, so your fearless fashion risk will let your neon shine through. When styling jewelry and shoes, be sure not to add too much more neon than you already have in your garments – basic black, white, or silver are best to pair with such an intense outfit. The best part about wearing neon is that you can’t help but smile when you see yourself in the mirror because it’s such a fun, bubbly color! I have a feeling you have a very bright future! :)
Be the “Hot Boss” by katemarieheimann featuring black handbags

Risky Business: Studs

Although your office may not be as star studded as 30 Rock (love that show!) I assure you that you 20 & 30 year olds can rock some studs at work too! Throw in a pair of studded booties for a subtle “How do you like me now?” look while keeping the colors within the basic black, navy, or charcoal. This will show that you are a respectable professional, yet fashion savvy. I chose to pair the black studded booties with a clean lined pencil skirt that has a belt. The thin belt will incorporate more small metallic pieces into the outfit to balance out the studs. Wearing a necklace or ring in a complementing metal, such as silver or white gold,  will tie things up nicely as well. Be sure to add at least one bit of color in your clothing or else you may look a little too “punk” wearing all black with studs, even if the pieces are professional wear. Rock it ladies!

Risky Business: Studs by katemarieheimann featuring a pencil skirt

Working With White

Head to toe white is hot for summer. But really it keeps you cool too! While wearing white head to toe is usually reserved for brides, this season we challenge that rule and say everyone’s allowed – because we look good! (We did this with tangerine orange earlier this year too – another full bodied color previously reserved for inmates turned classy and chic when Pantone announced it as their color of the year.) I personally don’t think full on white on white is really practical, because let’s face it, I love ketchup…and ketchup kinda loves my shirt. I suggest modifying this trend to your own likes, like I did. Instead of an entire outfit of white, I paired white pants (no pleats, please!) with a cute floral top that has lots of white in it, but isn’t all the way white, threw on a professional looking white blazer, neutral heels, and a colored bag to tie it all together. Using the white blazer to not only tie together what could be seen as a dressed up casual look, but also to create the illusion that I am really wearing white from head to toe. My largest garments are white and my accessories provide enough color to balance out the floral printed top – viola!
Working With White by katemarieheimann featuring sheer tops

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