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Stripes = American flag & Nautical! Score!!

‘You ever see those grannies who dress up for any and all holidays? (Or maybe you know this grandma all too well!) You know the ones…chunky sweaters with reindeer, bells, & candy canes to boot come Christmas; florals upon florals in never-ending pastels for Easter… Oh and don’t forget the pins…bunnies, eggs, four leafed clovers, flags, turkeys, snowflakes, christmas trees, and tons of snowmen. Why do holidays get blind sided by the fact that they all have a color scheme and a mob of poorly dressed grannies representing them? No more shall this happen – okay well we can’t say that, but with street fashion ever on the rise, we have definitely brought on our own style to the holidays. Focusing on the upcoming 4th of July (one of my favorites by the way!!!), I would like to share my favorite “flag-inistas” in recent findings.

Classic denim & red is a nice subdued way to show your appreciation for the U-S-of-A! :)

Pretty yet punk and all the way patriotic! Mixing printed denim with a breezy white dress is a sure way to show your support. Don’t forget the classic mullet…skirt.

Colored denim is a popular trend for all 2012 seasons! Why not thrown on some red skinnies? Pair with navy stripes and you’re not only trendy but festive!

Red polkadots and a sailor collar are a great way to get in the spirt of celebrating our flag!

Kate Bosworth goes patriotic for a summer music festival with a simple printed tank and cutoffs in light denim.

Loving the picnicking “Wine & Bread” bag – what a fun accessory for the 4th! And of course hats are a go for any and all summer activities!

Nail art – enough said.

Home of the Brave! Yes, let’s mix prints this 4th! Be proud of your fashionable flag and become a flag-onista with stripes & polka dots!

Are you a flag-onista? Send in your personal best for the fourth and have a chance to be featured on WearInLA.com.