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Alex & I at La Lumiere Fashion Show in Redding, CA for Eloquent Woman Magazine

Taking a mini-roadtrip with some of the most beautiful and hard working women I know, recreating Gisele Bundchen’s “sexy professional” look from The Devil Wears Prada, AND being named Fashion Editor of Eloquent Woman Magazine…….can you say Dream Job come true?! Ahhhhhhh I am overjoyed/ high on life/ so happy/ estatic  – no, I am blessed, honored, and grateful.

Truly, this weekend has been one of the most inspiring, uplifting, and exciting to date! Hanging out with Alex, a previous roommate of mine, a great friend, and also our Magazine Designer, was such a blast! We were able to reconnect in a way that only 10 hours in a car ride can do – haha! But really, Alex and I had a lot of fun together and I felt like I was finally getting back to being a more fun self again. To be honest, these last couple of months personally haven’t been the easiest – professionally they’ve been steady and growing…and now they’ve come to a peak of greatness! I’m happy to have this weekend be a point of turnaround for the more personal parts of myself now that professionally I have accomplished a huge goal for myself.

Spending Sunday morning doing a photoshoot for our Fall 2012 issue with Jackie & Malia in a gorgeous park and then attending Bill Johnson’s service at Bethel Church has go to be some of the most happiest moments of the whole trip. Although our stay was short and our drive was long (literally 20 hours round trip!) we accomplished so much on this trip! Not only were we in a perpetual meeting of 48 hours being constantly together in the same car and such, but we were able to creatively decide almost all of the last details of the second issue we are about to publish in June. Being together for such a long time and being able to so easily flip flop between laughing about how ridiculous we all looked when falling asleep in the car and then back to picking out the right photos for the editorial piece was really a great testament to our amount of greatness in our team.

4:30am we leave Los Angeles, we arrive at our hotel in Redding by 3:30pm and have just an hour after getting settled before we have to arrive at the venue. Within one hour our team of vagabond road trippers transformed into gorgeous fashionistas ready to represent Eloquent Woman with all that they are. I realized it only after I had looked in the mirror as I was putting on my glasses before walking out of the hotel room…with the high bun, black dress, fair complexion, and of course the glasses I had created a very Gisele Bundchen look. The Devil Wears Prada is definitely one of my favorite movies – I mean you have fantastically gorgeous Anne Hathaway, playing a hard working girl just like the rest of us, have a fairy tale dream job fall upon her – what more is there to love?!  Check out some of my favorite stills from the movie of Gisele’s look:

Gisele Bundchen in The Devil Wears Prada with Emily Blunt

Seeing my work in our 1st issue laid out on the table coupled with a poster sized Teaser for our Summer issue and postcards of the teaser was just so exciting!

Gisele working the “Sexy Professional” look!

Jackie and I getting excited for the show! “Girls in Pearls”

I think the glasses really do add the perfect amount of accessorizing.

So happy to be working closely with Shannon to build this incredible magazine!

— More photos from the show to come! Check out EloquentWoman.com for more awesome fashion posts and to read our first issue of the magazine —