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it’s true…..i’ve dyed it pink!

I’ve always been a blonde – ever since I was a baby. Yea, I was totally one of those so blonde it looks weirdly white kind of babies. I grew into the color and it eventually yellowed up, THANK GOD. I tell you, my hair has not always been so pretty. Even now I have some terrible hair days – for which I thank my trusty fedora for covering and the fact that messy buns are totally trendy now!

It’s funny a girl’s hair is such a soft spot for so many women – myself included! I’ve been so afraid to do anything with it since I started highschool. I think it might stem from a very bad DIY childhood haircut…yes DIY as in do-it-yourself. I did it myself all right! But the funny thing is after seeing my botched up self hair cut my mom decided my little sister wouldn’t look so bad with it either. Seriously though, get a good look at this one: 

Jessie and I call this one our favorite photo because we really do look so cute with our cheeky grins, smiley eyes, and matchy matchy ‘boy haircuts’. If you look closely you can see the shirts we’re wearing are covered in tiny little seashell designs. Mom was very into matchy matchy dressing back then – like she was forcing us to be sisters, twins even! As we grew up our hair went from the freaky white blonde to a dirty ‘dishwater’ blonde. I remember someone called it dishwater blonde and I was so offended, I’m all “no, it’s dirty blonde – but not THAT dirty!” It’s funny because once I was in high school we both started dying our hair…opposite shades. She went darker blonde and eventually through many shades of brunette, auburn, and all the way to jet black white I kept going lighter and lighter and lighter. Now that I’ve seen the lighter sides of blonde I considered reversing and going more brunette…possibly trying out the ombre effect to ease myself into a new color. But no – I went pink instead.

Going pink has been a dream of mine for more than a year now, so I realized I still had the dream and finally had the guts to do it…so, I went for it! With much encouragement from family and friends I literally showed up for my normal appointment to have my roots touched up and said “Frank, are you ready to get crazy?” He was so excited when I pulled out my Pinterest boards of ‘Believe in Pink With Me” & “Hair Color Ideas”. Originally I was set on the dip dye effect just the night before the appointment. But then he suggested we start with just the bottom layers of my longer hair. I waved my hands saying “okay just hurry up and get it started before I change my mind!” Within an hour I transformed into a Blonde & Pink duo. I tried my hardest not to look very much at the process – but of course to snap a couple of Instagrams – first strands being dyed, hanging out under the dryer, wet strands after being washed, and of course the after photos! Check it out:

First bit of pink! It was easier than I had imagined to be honest!

Pure adrenaline at this point – “OMG I can’t believe I’m doing this!?”

“Okay, it’s real……wow I LOVE it!”

“It’s like my hair is on fire from underneath……”

I was suprised at how fast I took to loving the new look. I’m the girl who used to cry after every haircut – yes even just a little trim, I know it’s terrible. That was up until 3 years ago when I realized hair can be professionally cut and colored! I used to dye my hair in my bathroom back at home from a box with my mother and sister. We’d use plastic grocery bags to cover our heads for the 25 minute wait time before washing it out in the sink. One time Mom tied a Stater’s Brother’s grocery bag over my head to keep the bleach in the blonde dye from bleaching anything else and when I took it off to wash half an hour later the ink from the blue and red logo on the bag had settled into my hair!!! Thank God it washed out easily, but still! ohhhhhh! I’ve come a long way since then – I found a great hair dresser – LOVE YOU FRANK!  and realized that no matter what I do it will always grow out. – Well I have to remember to hide the scissors from myself – just kidding. – Long story short, I love my new pink hair and it’s inspired my confidence madly!

Just for laughs, here’s the one and only crappy webcam photo I have of the Stater Brother’s incident with my hair:

unfortunately i wasnt paying attention to the lighting – sorry for the bad quality!