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tantalized yet?

Tantalized, titillated, taken; yes I too am madly seduced by tangerine’s fierce hues as Pantone has announced ‘Tango Tangerine” as the Color of 2012. I personally was one to believe that orange was confined strictly to prison jumpsuits, sports teams, and beach towels…but after this season’s runways were unveiled I started to clear a space in my heart for the many shades of orange.  It was impossible to keep my heart closed to such vibrant and truly powerful hues when they were gracefully swaying down the catwalk as my jaw dropped ever so slightly with each new design. I was inspired – inspired to squeeze fresh orange juice, to bask in the warmth of sunlight, to run through fields of Californian poppies…. to let orange take up a permanent residence in my heart. I have seen the light – or rather the lighter side of orange. Deep hues of scarlet have never been a sore spot, but alas have never found their way into my closet. Like I said, I’ve been blinded of the potential this vibrant color has held…that is until now! Enjoy my favorite pieces of tangerine inspirations!

Runway shots of Spring 2012 shows

The Olsen twins looking fab! :)

absolutely stunning! so full of sunshine! :)

gorgeous combo of tangerine & turquoise! color blocking in it's prime!

With a Peter Pan collar too! :D love this Ruche look!

incredible pumps by Sole Society!

if only i had the courage to dye my hair red! :) haha maybe one day!

stripes are my favorite for spring and summer! in all colors - but dang this is cute!

i could totally make this headband! get these flowers for like $3 a pop at Joann's and glue it to a headband - easy peasy!

just amazing! wish i could throw in a couple of models in here! :D

I find so much inspirations in fashion illustrations!

yummy! :)

fresh and lovely!

amazing Marc Jacob's clutch!

check out Merrick's Art awesome pants! :) even better- check out the sweater she altered! :)

what a fun little expression of orange hues!