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Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market wearing Forever21, Target, & vintage scarf & sunglasses with my steal: $7 vintage suitcase!

It’s pretty typical of me to be on a flight sitting next to a stranger, end up having a full conversation with them, and then never introducing myself properly. I feel I have done so again! HA… Well, hello, I’m Kate – the girl behind the dream of being a ‘real’ fashion blogger. I want to thank you all for following me and supporting my dream! Here’s a little more about me, more than just my clothes…

1. What inspired or motivated you to start your blog? I enjoy freelancing as a photographer doing family portraits and events but wanted to share my creativity in a more universal sense – so I started photographing fashion. I realized I had more to say than just a simple caption when it came to style – so I just let myself go with it!

2. How did you decide on the format and style of your blog (i.e. Styling outfits and posing for the camera)? Ahhh to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out what I like best! Mostly I do my own photography with either my iPhone or my Canon 30D on a tripod….which I tell you isn’t that easy! As for posing…I just try to be as natural as possible – don’t notice the camera but let it notice me?

I need to make her skirt! (photo by lafashionsnob.com)

3. Where do you currently reside? Where would you ideally like to reside? I currently live just outside of Downtown LA in the Pasadena area – it has a more cultivated indie fashion scene. Although I’ve never been, I believe I’d do well in any costal European country – France and Italy are certainly places I can dream myself into!

4. What is your must-have article of clothing or accessory right now? I’m swooning over mermaid-esque accordion pleat flowing skirts – I saw a girl in Phoenix wearing one…and once I got back to LA I saw the same fabric at Michael Levine’s and started planning my own design!

Fedora @ Target: $12

5. If you were stranded on an island and had only one fashion item to your liking, what would it be? I think a fedora would suit me well – it’s practical and cute!

6. What are your favorite fashion and style blogs right now? One of my best friends, Heather Petrey blogs at http://LAFashionSnob.com – so I’m always checking out her site and we like to trade photography services ha! I always love watching Native Fox to see what new trends she’s following or starting! http://thenativefox.blogspot.com/

Native Fox

Native Fox


7. What do you like to do when not blogging about fashion? Eating lots of chinese food, catching up on my Netflix & Hulu queues, and sewing!

8. All that blogging must take up a lot of energy. What is your favorite food to munch on in order to provide you with your Super Blogging Powers? Ah man, now I’m thinking of Chinese food after that last one. HAHA! But my favorite blogging snack food would have to be Cheez It’s!

9. Favorite Designer: I have two- and they are SO different from each other! Chanel will always be my first love: I’m classy and sophisticated. But I love Betsey Johnson for her out of the box thinking and colorful combinations because she allows me to stick to the classic cuts yet venture out into patterns and colors!

Cheez-it's are the ultimate snack for blogging and sewing! :) just like my grandma carol that way!

spending time with my boyfriend is my favorite: this is him with me at an event for Versace in Beverly Hills!

here's a recent sewing project I completed: black and white "Love City" Alexander Henry print as pillow cases with hot pink silk on the back.