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Heather & I @ Steak n' Cakes (I'm wearing h&m boyfriend fit buttonup & target fedora with chanel earrings)

The first weekend in March, Heather Petrey of LaFashionSnob.com and I woke up super early, jumped in our car, and drove 6 hours to see Caroline Monick, a French women’s wear designer, launch and show her first collection at Phoenix Fashion Week. We didn’t really plan too much of the trip, other than going to the show at MIM (Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ). So we were excited to just enjoy the adventure!

On our way out to Phoenix, we stopped in a little town just short of the California/Arizona border for some lunch. Heather had read about this little ma & pa diner called “Steak & Cakes”. To me, right away I’m like ‘heck yea let’s go there…..steak annnnndcakes? okay!’ Once we got there I realized my appetite was sorely overestimated. I ended up order just a grilled cheese and fries. 

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Nonetheless I enjoyed my little snack of a meal very much. The thing that stood out most to me about this joint was the service. I go to ma and pop places hoping to get away from crowds, to support real people instead of just a corporation, and in hopes of great service from people who know what it is to work hard and make a name for themselves. I was very happy to be greeted by a waitress who seemed genuinely interested in every customer she served. At one point I even saw her sit down with an older gentleman, who after hearing their conversation, I presume is a ‘regular’. I love that! I look forward to visiting again when we go out in the fall for the full Phoenix Fashion Week.