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Today's outfit...as posted on POSE iPhone app

Coloring inside the lines is easy…..you just follow the gentle curve of the predestinated area…it’s deciding to color outside the lines that takes courage. For me, coloring in the lines is jeans and a tee shirt…and I know how to do that reaaally well; but I don’t want to keep it up. I was bored of that….it was just so…..’normal’. I want to be extraordinary – therefore I am. I have decided to dress like I mean it. Recently on Pintrest (P.S. FOLLOW ME if you haven’t already!) I saw the most daring quote: “Dress everyday like you’re going to get murdered in those clothes.” Gosh I think that’s extremely dramatic, but the most wonderful of ways to put it! I have started to put forth a greater amount of effort into trying new styles, mixing colors and textures and simply creating something new out of what I have.

Today you’d be proud of me: I’m wearing a yellow and white boat neck wide stripe 3/4 sleeve sweater from Forever 21, charcoal grey herringbone tweed high-waisted shorts also by Forever 21, a straw fedora hat with wide black band from Target (only $12 right now!!), completed with closed toe black suede 5 inch platform pumps by Forever 21….and various ‘grandma jewelry’. I refer to gifted and inherited jewelry ‘grandma jewelry’ because most of it has come either from a grandmother of mine or a slightly removed old-lady adoptable version of a grandma in my life. Today it’s a silver and turquoise ring in a smooth oval shape on my right hand, a clip on black, gold, silver, and white floral bracelet, simple crystal ball stud earrings, and a gorgeous diamond and silver cross and dog tag which reads the verse Galatians 5:22-23, which is the Fruit of the Spirit, from my loving boyfriend. I decided to use a clutch that I made from a vintage skirt. You can buy some clutches like these that I made here: CLUTCHES by KATE!

In the spirt of coloring outside the lines, I’d like to share an Etsy.com treasury my mother made just this morning. It was the initial inspiration for this post, FYI! <3 Thanks Mom! Be sure to check out her cutesy shop here!! P.S. Click on the photo to see the full treasury, share your love by tweeting, liking, and commenting — and but some of these fantastic items!