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The one and only blonde-as-can-be Betsey Johnson wowed the scene at New York Fashion Week with her incredible collection of colorful vintage inspired garments. Not that it should come as a surprise – 69 year old Betsey Johnson has long been a favorite of the fashion world, with her career spanning nearly four decades! This Fall 2012 collection featured a wide variety of eye popping pinks, reds, and oranges transformed into lots of floppy hats, 60’s-esque shift dresses, and even bold pink and black striped pant suit. The soundtrack to her show was one of the most eclectic and nostalgic of combinations widely featuring remixes of a great many Beatle’s tunes. Per tradition, the incredibly enthusiastic designer graces us with one of her bi-annual cartwheel-split duos.

Some of my favorite pieces included:

This look of the tweed pant, chic military-esque coat with lots of shiny button detail, and accessorized with red gloves translates into what I imagine would be the London girl version of the Beatles – classy yet totally edgy. I’d rock it.

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love wearing black – so this entire outfit can just walk it’s way into my closet; right now! This comfy looking sweater has got just the right way of fitting her without swallowing her – and the added lines of the tights create a tall look, something us short girls always enjoy! (P.S. 5’5″ is short yes/no?)

I’m incredibly in love with the combo of hot pink and bright orange! (Even more I love that I already own hot pink tights and just got a pair of 5.5″ of Jessica Simpson shoes that would go great with almost any of Betsey Johnson’s Fall collection.) With multicolored plaid and large fur cuffs and collar, this coat creates an entire outfit alone – there’s just so many ways to wear it!

The intricate beading on the bodice of this top is incredible! It compliments the leopard coat in a way that only sparkles can! This coat is one of those timeless pieces that can be worn sexy (like here!) or dropped down to a more modest tone (add simple black heels instead of boots, and a less flashy top – perhaps a scoop neck ruffled blouse). You will notice this model is wearing large earrings….I think it was Neimann Marcus, they sent me an email about the trend of the ‘statement earrings’…so large gold earrings are IN.

The ultimate Party/Prom dress of the season – sequined v-neck sleeveless top with a full bouncy tulle tutu skirt and silk bow belt. Not only that but check out those shoes! I’m forever in love with leopard print shoes – flats are practical for most, so I’m looking forward to finding out where I can get my hands on these puppies!

Metallics were a trend we saw coming in early last year (think back to Spring/Summer ’11 collections)….I’m happy to report it’s going to stay around for a while longer, at leassst one more season!!! YAY! Sticking with the tights, Betsey Johnson knows how to make a woman’s legs look great – this time in white. Pairing it with the white leather jacket and hot pink turtleneck, this look is super 70’s!

Now this is bordering on 80’s style with the hot pink pinstripe separates suit. I’m the kind of girl that adores a good tailored piece, to have this jacket structured so well that it can fit different body type while still creating it’s own shape for the outfit and even more to have it paired with the form fitted skinny pant makes me so happy! And of course the fitted cap just creates a casual yet sophisticated look.

I love this fabric…it’s hard to tell though if this outfit is a one piece jumper or if it’s separates of a top and fitted pant. Either way, I love it! The coat reminds me of this amazing fur coat I tried on at an event on Rodeo Drive at Versace…(Oh I should post those pics!!!!) P.S. have you seen those super cute peep toe pumps with the pink and red band at the toes?? I NEED those! haha!


PERFECT Cartwheel!