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Armani Prive Spring 2012 Paris Couture

This last week of January was ushered in by gorgeous gowns, intricate hand beading, and layers of ruffles and lace to no and…and very much to my excitement I might add! Only the biggest and the best were shown at Paris Couture…as it should be! Designers such as Dior, Giambattista Valli, Gaultier Haute Couture, Givenchy, Chanel, Armani Prive, and Versace were showing off their most imaginative of designs for the spring Paris Couture week of fashion.

Versace 2012 Paris

I was suprised to know that Versace was showing this year; she hasn’t had a collection at Paris Couture in nearly 8 years! No matter the reasons, I was happy to see she had made her presence known and of course went all out! You can check out some of her designs from the show here:

The shows which I was most captivated with were Chanel, Armani, and Dior. Chanel is and will forever be one of my most favorite fashion houses in the world. Between the forward thinking persona she was shown with in the movie “Coco Before Chanel” and the endless use of tweed in every collection I’m a dedicated Chanel follower for life. Ps…did you know my favorite perfume is Mademoiselle by Chanel…I’ve been wearing it nearly every day for the past year now! :D

Dior put on a fantastic show this season as well….full of lady-like silhouettes and full gowns with lace, beading, and of course this season’s trending sheer sexiness! Check out the blog post I wrote for Eloquent Woman Magazine about Dior’s Paris Couture collection HERE.

Me wearing my favorite color!

Armani’s Couture collection was full of bright green fabrics that I just couldn’t help but smile at! – Side note: my favorite color is green. I have a lime green Iphone case, lime green bedroom walls, and often wear green in it’s finest of shades: guacamole. Yes, my favorite color is guacamole green! – As for Armani’s fantastic collection is was certainly made up in brighter shades of lime and chartreuse.

Besides the color of most of the collection, I was first drawn to the photos of this show by the silly little twirlly-do fascinators all the models were wearing. I thought they were just so cute…almost Who-ish (You know the Who’s in Who-ville from The Grinch!) I think the fascinators did an excellent job of tying together the collection, even though it was clearly a very well thought out design process in each piece to make the collection cohesive.

The most prominent of design elements throughout the collection included fitted jackets with the trending peplum waist and peaked shoulders, many draped skirts, and well tailored separates. The entire show was a beautiful display of the ultimate fashionista’s daily wear.