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It’s a new year filled with the air of adventure, inspiration, and excitement! This year my boyfriend and I are planning a couple different trips! Apparently we already have one

Valentine's Day 2011 - Santa Barbara Zoo feeding Giraffes

on the books to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in March….and I just found out about it! It’s a mystery to me as to where we’ll be going, but I’m excited to see what happens! :D Man I have a great boyfriend….he did this for Valentine’s Day last year…we went up to Santa Barbara….oh it was wonderful!

Jeff looking off our balcony to the ocean front Valentine's 2011:D


:D So….we’re thinking of going to Hawaii this year! Throughout 2011 we saw so many commercials about Hawaii, made new friends from Hawaii, and even had an old friend move to Hawaii! We decided enough of the dreaming and on with the living! – I believe that 2012 is all about ACTION! It’s time to live our dreams!!! Are you with me?! – So Hawaii is in the works for late summer.

My dearest friend and previous roommate was engaged this last November and is to be married in July….get this: in FRANCE! Her parents live in France and wanted to throw her wedding there at their 300 year old huge stone house in the south of France countryside! It’ll be so romantic! We’re not too sure if we’ll be able to make it, but we’re excited to see if we can! It’d be a great way to tour France…go to a wedding, get in with the locals – her parents – and possibly even venture over to Italy! Now Italy is one of my biggest dreams right now!! Ever since reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, I’ve been dying to see the sights, learn the language, and of course EAT!

July 21st is my 21st birthday!!! I will be celebrating my golden birthday in style while we party it up in VEGAS this year!! I’m super excited about this trip…I’ve been dreaming of it since July of this last year when I turned 20 haha! My mom will be flying in from out of state to celebrate with us…and so will a bunch of my closest friends (15+ people will most likely being joining us!!) Sooo….that’s on the books- can’t wait to style my outfits for that trip!! :)

We also want to go camping this year! We always say, “we’ll have to go camping together,” to all our friends….and then we never go! Jeff and I (that’s my awesome boyfriend!) have been on one camping trip together before…we went to Sequoia National Park in Northern California back in….um ’09. Wow that was a while ago! We want to go with Sean and Jenni, our closets friends…the beach sounds like a great place to go camping, doesn’t it? We’ve been talking about it here and there, but I really hope we get into gear and start planning it soon! Early summer would be nice for the beach…possibly down towards San Diego?

I’m excited none the less about going on vacations and little weekend, and even day trips during this year! I’m going to make a list right now of all the little or big trips I’d like to make this year….yes I just decided that right now haha!

Places to Go in 2012:

– Hawaii

– France

– Italy

– Camping on the beach (southern California)

– LA county historical library

– MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

– Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA

– Huntington Library, Los Angeles

– Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA

– Malibu beaches

– Red Carpet event…at least one!

– Vegas – for my 21st BIRTHDAY! – July 21st!

…to be continued