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Channeling my 'MAD MEN' Betty Draper look with vintage scarf and string of pearls :)

For me wearing vintage accessories is a lot easier to pull off than wearing an entire vintage outfit…or a large vintage piece. I feel that sometimes when people wear all vintage they can look ‘costume-y’…for me that just doesn’t work! But I still love classic vintage pieces. For instance, I constantly wear my simple string of pearls…

(with just about everything I own actually!) Now a single strand of pearls will always be in style – I feel that way about more vintage accessories actually. Even though the cut of a 70’s dress may not be in style every year, you can always find a way for a big floppy hat to work.

Here’s some of my favorite vintage pieces you can wear over and over again through the years:

1970s Dexter Flats / Kiltie Fringe Shoes / Auburn Leather / 8.5 9: $46

Vintage Bow Tie / 1950s / Yellow Print Silk: $16

Little Heart Necklace : Mustard Yellow Vintage Charm Necklace, Valentines Day Gift, Women Accessories, Heart Jewelry : $35

Olive Green Vintage Leather Manicure Case Wallet Clutch Purse Bag Organizer Grass Spring Natural $25

Bonny verde wayfarer Vintage Sunglasses: $39

Vintage 1980s Belt - Red Hot Abstract Angle Wrap Belt - 27 Inch Waist: $28

Vintage Ballerina Scarf - Teal Blue Ballet Design Scarf - Silk Like: $28


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