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One of the biggest trends both on and off the runway for Fall/Winter 11/12 has been wearing very tall boots. I’m talking, platforms, stilettos, and laced up over your knee sort of tall. When I saw this trend was gaining momentum again, my first thoughts were something along the lines of ‘great, now there’s going to be a bunch of girls running around in micro-mini’s and knee high or over the knee boots looking like (let’s be nice here…) ‘street-walkers'”. Yes, it’s true….over the knee boots are sexy – by nature they are. But wearing them doesn’t mean you have to pair it with an ultra sexy mini-dress.

I’d like to think that in order to style the knee high and over the knee boots properly you need to balance your ‘sexy vs. safe’…where in you need to decide if it’s just ‘over-the-knee vs. over-the-top“. The best ways to try out the look are as follows:

How I would style the knee high/over the knee boots

1: Over jeans with an oversized sweater/top (Over the knee platform-Victoria’s Secret)

2: With a mid-length structured 60’s silhouette dress or coat (welly-like boots on Jaeger London’s runway Fall 2011)

3: With trousers and a fitted top with bulky accessories (on Mullberry’s Fall 2011 runway)

4: In an off-beat print or color…not just black and brown. (Viktor & Rolf…need I say more?)

5: NEVER in white; you’ll look like a Go-Go girl at Halloween…or worse!