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Whatever we don’t have we want! When we feel the desire for too long it sub-consciencely becomes a necessity… this is how I feel about the European Fashion world. I want to be there, I want to touch it, I want to wear it, I want to make it, I want to style it, I want to photograph it…I want to breath in a breath of fresh air of European Couture Fashion!

Schön! Magazine's incredible styling has me breathless!

For now, I’m scouring the internet, magazines, and blogs to keep up to date with what’s going on in the fashion industry. I’m excited to have been let in through the back door most recently….working my way into Los Angeles, California and finding my footing in this beautiful world. At times I feel frustrated for not being in New York, Milan, Paris, London…but then I remember that all good things start slow and require determination.

Schön! Magazine loves showcasing a dynamic and diverse array of ideas and talent through carefully crafted fashion photography. LOVE IT!

I think of this quote often when it comes to my first steps through the door of the LA Fashion Industry: “We see the people that have got stars in their eyes, but if you’ve really got what it takes, you can get from, say the beginnings, to the top in about five years.” – Trisha Goddard This reminds me that with the right amount of motivation, determination, and hard work I really can make my dreams come true.

I recently discovered Schön! Magazine which is an incredible fashion magazine based “literally in central central London” (how cool is that?) and distributed worldwide to be read in over 196 countries! All the photos in this post can be found at http://schonmagazine.com/. I love showing you my favorite fashions and wouldn’t pass up the chance to show you all my favorites from Schön! Magazine. Please enjoy and check them out!

Love the play on vintage styling with the fascinator hat thrown askew for modern taste.

Ah "The Gentlemen" - this was one of my favorite pieces by them....the entire shoot was so charming.

White on white makes for a clean and modern look in any cut.

Then again, pair the right accessories in all black and you could really be from another era!

Shadows make a photograph speak.

She's just so happy and inspiring I couldn't pass it up!