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Freedom and Fashion is a Los Angeles based organization that is committed to using the fashion industry to broaden the horizons of bringing justice and peace to our communities and the fashion entire industry.

“Advocate Freedom. Promote Fairness. Love Greatly. A Fair Trade Fashion organization fighting human trafficking & exploitation.”

They focus mainly on bringing awareness of human trafficking and exploitation. By bringing in the fashion side of things, they are able to pull in great volumes of audiences and speak to them through fashion shows consisting of designers who give to charities that align with Freedom and Fashion’s morals.

I have had the pleasure of attending their Spring 2011 show Hope in the City where I saw designers Popavina and David Phongsa (both personal friends of mine, I might add!) Can’t wait to go to Hope in the City again during LA Fashion Week in March 2012. Unfortunately I was unable to attend their most recent show here in LA at the Cooper Design Center on December 17th, 2011. I did however read all about it on their tumblr. Do enjoy these fun photos from the show that I borrowed from their tumblr.

Loving the mix of textures! Faux fur, cable knit sweater skin, and leather boots!

I'm in love with these faux fur vests!! Some of my favorite for the season!

Good ol' wellies, raincoat, and transparent umbrella - always wanted one of those!!

Colored denim is SOOOO hot right now. Love these rusty statement pants!