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Fashion can be illustrated in a many multitude of ways – of course we always think that wearing clothes every day is how we illustrate our personal fashion sense. (and yes it may seem to be easiest for most of us!) But we often forget or even overlook the true art of fashion. Fashion as art can be found in runway shows, fashion art installments or exhibits, photographs, and even hand drawn illustrations.

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Runway shows are always fun to go to because it means you get to dress up too! It’s all about who’s wearing what and how. Seeing new collections and being able to mingle at the after parties with the models and designers is always fun, but the shows are always over SO fast.

I recently went to my first fashion art installment. I was expecting a fashion show (classic crowd and runway scenario), but it ended up being an installment. It was actually at Versace’s storefront on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. I really enjoyed the event because the models were all standing on pedestals around the shop taking the place of the mannequins. Every 30 minutes they went back and changed one by one and then they walked back out to their posts and presented themselves. The event was actually all about shopping and donating a percentage towards a local charity.  Overall the event was actually quite refreshing. It gave me a lot more time to appreciate the clothes and really inspect the garments and enjoy their careful design and craftsmanship.

Fashion photography and drawn illustrations are some of my most favorite ways to see the blend of the art and fashion industries. It really goes to show just how close the two industries are entwined. I myself am a fashion photographer for Eloquent Woman Magazine (you can click on the side bar to see the website and our latest issue!). Photography is of course my first love when it comes to bringing fashion into art.