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Are you still on your Twi-high? I will admit, yes I am! The recent release of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 really hadn’t excited me too much. I have enjoyed the series this far, but I am definitely no Twi-hard.  Until my 13-year-old sister convinced me to take her to see Breaking Dawn Part 1, I really hadn’t thought much of seeing it in theatres. I thought to myself, I’ll just rent it a little while after it’s out, maybe. I actually think I skipped over seeing the third one in the series “Eclipse”. Wow, that was a mistake! HA!

I was able to get right back into the story line again after seeing the first two; “Twilight” and “New Moon”. I knew they were on their way to marriage and that there was still the love triangle. I have never been able to pick teams (Edward vs. Jacob). To be honest both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are extremely gorgeous men. (Yes, we can call Taylor Lautner a man now (FINALLY!)…. I have got to tell you, knowing that he was only 17 while filming the first ones made me kind of just pass over him and by default I think I was siding with Edward- also Edward has the dreamy eyes and back then Jacob didn’t have his big-boy abs!) It was so excited to see the biggest fictional wedding of the year to be done so artistically and with much better acting too!

The acting of the Twilight series has always been up for debate. Whether it be that Edward is too cold (He is a vampire after all haha!), Bella’s too stressed, or Jacob’s too dramatic (i.e. ripping of his shirt like a complete manic every time he feels even an ounce of frustration), someone always has the spotlight on their mistakes. I guess that’s what happens to any popular movie though; people will always find something wrong one way or another. This time around the acting was honest, true, and most of all extremely emotionally charged. 

As I watched the camera fade into the wedding scene I almost found myself in tears. Not quite, because let’s face it, I knew it was a movie and it was a total set up. But still, I was almost caught in a daze believing in how real their love was and how incredible it was to see the inside of their relationship through the films and then be able to witness such a monumental moment with them. The fact that they are actually so in love in real life really makes the movie that much more amazing! I did however feel kind of bad for them to have to be ‘fake married’ and have to ‘act’ all those emotions without being able to achieve that status in their actual relationship. But I’m not too worried, they seem so happy with where things are now and it’s been confirmed by Robert Pattinson that he wants to marry Kristen Steward. It’ll happen when the time is right (ah I love that they are so true to each other and want to make it right; so much more admirable than all the other Hollywood marriages).

Overall here’s my view on Breaking Dawn Part 1: It was amazing and I would love to see it again. NOW. : )

P.S. look for another post soon about Bella Swan’s incredible wedding dress and how you can get your hands on it!