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Kimbra’s recent EP was released in the US on October17th, 2011. Since the minute her music started circulating here in the US, she’s been winning over the hearts of many new US fans! She’s a breath a fresh air for America with her funky collective style that brings together pop music, fashion, vintage, and sex appeal. One of her fans wrote on iTunes in a review, “There’s nothing hotter than a well dressed woman with impeccable style…she has quirky style,” (quoted: Robert Robbins on iTunes). It’s true, she knows how to blend the worlds of fashion with music just perfectly to surprise us all when we thought we heard it all.

Her look in this video is a modest sexy- something you all know I’m a fan of! She plays on the doll-look by having all the dolls in shelves behind her and she’s there with the cute curly hair, perfect skin, and girlish dress. Oh and then the little girls!!! Vintage beauty galore! I love that she used the younger girls and dressed them up as adults because I was able to identify with the emotions of being a young girl and always looking towards the future of being married, loving a husband, and raising a baby (which let me tell you I would NEVER name Nebraska– where did she come up with that?) Haha! Truely it was a well put together music video that had suprises for everyone – the mannequin, the dolls going up in flames, and Kimbra’s quirky dance moves. Gotta say, I wish I could dance like her – she’s confident in moving in ways that I’m sure could feel awkward compared to the way we normally move (ie walking, jumping, running – all pretty lame compared to Kimbra’s shoulder and arm dance-moves!) The fact is this: her style is unmatched in grace, beauty, and talent! I’m a fan.