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Dear Fashion Industry, please be more attentive to the opinions, feelings, and needs of your consumers, not just your target market. Sincerely, Kate

Yes, recently Urban Outfitters had to deal with yet another run in with the law. Their previous feats include creating ready to wear collections and items with racial, terrorists, and even health offensive photos or sayings. Between the 2010 “Eat Less” tee that stirred up concerns about the message being sent to young girls about their image, and all the way to creating a racial “Ghettopoly” board game rip off of Monopoly. I am disappointed by Urban Outfitter’s recent mistake of creating an entire collection that was inspired by the Navajo Indians and then they named it after them. This to me was stealing an idea and ripping it off as your own and using the stolen name. Okay, come-on same name and all? Maybe if they shared the profits and gave a couple of the Navajo Indian’s some credit for their designs everything would be okay, but no such thing. If only, if only people would consider each other and not be out for themselves :/