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So lately, I haven’t been posting – my apologies. I was in Portland for a while, and then in Mexico, and now on Friday I’m off to Colorado to visit my family. Do forgive me! I am back now and ready to get my blog on – that is until I leave Friday morning…haha okay time to play catch-up!

Halloween is near – what?! It’s only 12 days away? Okay yes, we’ve established Halloween is on it’s way and what better way to celebrate than by hosting or attending a costume party? Either way, dressing up is fun! Most costumes are made from phony polyester (remember for you big party people this material is highly flammable!!! lol) In any case, most pre-packaged, store bought, mass produced costumes are unfashionable and don’t always fit right. Well here’s my solution: take what you have in your closet, use it and buy new accessories to make the outfit into a costume.

Here you can see my entry into Polyvore’s contest for creating your own costume from items people might have in their closets are are able to get in other similar fashions from any of their personal favorite designers/brands/shops.

You can see here that you can take anything you have in your closet and create a costume if you add the right accessories/props. Here I added a fun facinator to a simple skirt and blouse to create a grander allusion to the outfit (this makes it more like a costume, but still cute and fashionable!). Also, just in case people couldn’t figure it out on their own, I added a cute cupcake necklace to the mix too – just in case!

You can see more great costume ideas that come from your own closet by previewing the contest entires on Polyvore.com: HERE


Here a couple of my favorite:

Dressing up as Barbie is one of the easiest! Just wear PINK!

Fashionable Minnie Mouse - no need for ears...just wear a big bow!


So, what are you going to be for Halloween?