In all honesty, I’m a pretty complimentary, optimistic, and kind person. I find beauty in all things – that’s the natural artist in me I suppose. But when it comes down to it, I don’t think ‘all things are beautiful’; they may have an element of beauty to them, but let’s be honest, some thing are plain ugly. In the fashion world, and in just about any other life situation but especially in fashion, people will make themselves believe something is beautiful because someone with power, with more credibility, and more experience will tell them it is so. – Okay let’s be clear, I respect fashion industry men and women of power and long standing experience and do believe them to be credible due to their career experience and educational boasts. In addition, I do not believe that most people have a common knowledge about dressing themselves fashionably – they don’t just know how to, they have to be taught how to. – Anyway….what I mean to say is this: I don’t believe that every piece of every collection from every designer (no matter how big they are or what venue they are showing at) is fashionable.

A very good example of this would be found in the collection of Isaac Mizrahi shown today in New York at Fashion Week. He had too many prints (conflicting prints at that!) and no true design element besides the ugly mix print that drew his pieces into a true collection for me. Yes, he did say his designs are “not for everyone” and he doesn’t feel the need to be seen by an extremely large crowd due to his target market being so small, but in truth I couldn’t imagine the piece below to be for anyone at all!

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His exclamation about his collection this year was this: ‘based around the idea of an exploding peony flower mixed with a leopard print.” TOO MUCH for me!!!