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Chardo Ralph Rucci’s recent RTW Spring 2012 show in New York blew my mind! Truly his designs were more than fashionable, they were interesting and captured a younger side of his designs. Previous to his Fall 2011 many perceived his collections to be designed for women over 50. Rest assured that with the power he had at his Fall 2011 show back in spring, he continued to blast forward and cultivate his designs to appeal to a younger generation. Here, you can see a couple of his Fall ’11 pieces (my favorites!) that began to appeal to a more youthful client.

A shorter hemline, vintage inspired, and daring over-the-knee boots for the younger than 50 woman.

Another youthful look from Fall 2011 show.

You can see his looks from the Fall 2011 show were more suited for a 20-something year old to an early 40-something year old woman rather than a 50 year old woman. (Well let’s hope, because that second look with the mini skirt and over the knee leather stiletto boots is certainly not something I’d like to see Grandma wearing! Haha!) Let’s take a look at my most favorites from Rucci’s RTW Spring 2012 show in New York now:

Simple elegance with a classy bit of sheer playing peek-a-boo at the sleeves and hemline.

Sparkling sequins my oh my! Love the neckline to be cut so high - leaving the legs to do the talking or rather the walking!

Beautifully constructed - falls in the trend of using sheer materials on top.

Which of these looks were your favorite?