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It’s New York Fashion Week!!! :) Ahhh, now only if I wasn’t still in Los Angeles- but alas the life of a hard working girl. One day I’ll get there to NY Fashion Week – perhaps next year!? (Jeff was telling me his points on his credit card are getting pretty high and that we should be redeeming them soon! perhaps an all expenses paid trip to NYC?? lol, we’ll see!)

In the meantime, I’ve been scouring all the blogs and videos and sites physically possible to bring a bit of NY to me this week. I’ve found an amazing encyclopedia of sorts for this entire week. NYMag.com has some of the most detailed and extra beautiful details of all this week’s happenings. Be it the photos from all the shows, the back story of the designers, and even info about the models! (Now, personally, being the photographer who works directly with just about everyone — designers, MUAs, hairstylists, location managers, models, etc — I sometimes feel that as much as we love the models, we don’t give them enough credit and love. I feel a big connection with a lot of my models and even take photos with them right after my shoot…just a little personal thing I like to do!) :) So yes, NYMag.com is an amazing site, bottom line. From my scouring, I plan to bring you my most favorite looks yet as designed by up-and-coming, pre-existing, and very established designers from all over who are meeting in NYC this week. Enjoy!