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It’s hard for me to count the things that take my breath away with just one look because, being a photographer, every little thing has beauty. Down to the water drops on a bird’s missing feather, the scratches in the bark of an old tree, or even the glitter as it falls from a woman’s eyes…all these things have taken my breath away to see. It’s not only with sight that my heart may skip a beat, but in true experience that it happens.

ex·pe·ri·ence: meaning  the totality of the cognitions given by perception; all that  is perceived, understood, and remembered.

Watch any film directed by famed Fashion Film Director Markus K. Jones and you will truly experience it. Through snippets of women’s lives he shows their habits, their struggles, their adventures, and most of all their hearts. For the love of God, see this film and fall in love just like I did.