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Hello, my name is Kate and I’m an Etsy Addict. I joined Etsy.com this year in after much encouragement from my friends and family to sell my photography and feather earrings. After just one day, I was hooked. Etsy.com isn’t just a site to sell on like say errr Ebay.comoh no…Etsy is a whole community. When I signed up I didn’t realize it was so beautiful around every corner! :) With stylized photos, the cutest descriptions of handmade and vintage items, along with some of the most creative and kind people I’ve ever met, this site has become my home. Yes, my home- as in I live on Etsy.com.

I can’t help myself! Two weeks ago I joined a treasury team in order to share more of my favorite items with the community…Oh boy did that get me in deep trouble! It is the request of the team to create one treasury (collection of other’s items for sale in a cute and mostly color coordinated or themed way) per week…well, today I found myself to have made FIVE in the last 24 hours. Um…hmnnnn, they just happened upon themselves? Okay….okay…..Yes, I admit again, I’m an Etsy addict! If not just an Etsy addict, I’m turning into a treasury junkie. (Yikes!)

– – –

 Okay, so in all seriousness, I am in love with Etsy.com and the community that has developed between the shop owners, shoppers, and administration. Never would I have been able to image such a beautiful and well organized business model that would be able to support and encourage the creativity of over 2.5 million people worldwide! I am truly blessed to be apart of such a thriving and loving group of people!

Please do check out my treasuries:

1:This is My Wish 2: Bluesy Green 3: Dream of Being French 4: Sweet Cream and Pink 5: Love Strawberry Lemonade